The International Conference on Physician Health™ (ICPH), which will take place on Oct. 17-19, 2024, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is a scientific conference sponsored jointly by the American Medical Association, Canadian Medical Association and British Medical Association. The conference will showcase research and system-level initiatives to mitigate burnout and promote professional well-being.

This conference is held every other year and is hosted by one of the founding associations. The conference provides a forum for practitioners and researchers to present innovative methods and support systems, as well as educational programs and recent research findings related to physician health.

Doctors are people, too. This conference focuses on practice steps to make medicine a more sustainable career choice. ICPH promotes an overall healthier culture for physicians by offering practical evidence-based solutions, practice skills, and resources and tools for attendees to take back to their workplace and readily implement.

We are thrilled to welcome physicians, researchers, policymakers and health leaders to this year’s conference. This year’s agenda is full of new research and fresh insights from your colleagues and peers on how we can promote an overall healthier culture for physicians and make medicine a more sustainable career choice.

Our theme this year is “Improving well-being through the power of connections.” This includes:

– Systems connections: Research and initiatives focused on the way in which the structures and processes that drive our health systems connect to promote quality care and health workforce wellness.

– Human connections: Development and/or delivery of health and wellness programs and support services, treatment strategies, and innovative wellness solutions, peer support programs or information sharing. Also addresses relationships, including with patients, colleagues, leaders, and the community.

– Procedures and operations: Implementation and/or measurement of physical, psychological, and cultural safety programs and/or wellness initiatives and strategies, including those that enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion in medicine.

– Inter-professional: Innovative and optimal models of care or initiatives demonstrating the impact of inter-professional (or team-based care) on workforce wellness, professional fulfillment, communication, and care delivery.

– Socio-technological: The connections between healthcare and technology, such as decreasing administrative burden and documentation, optimizing the effective use of digital health tools and their integration into physician workflow, and improving practice efficiency and patient satisfaction through technology and innovation, while reducing burnout and the impact on the workforce.

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