2021 conference materials

The ICPH 2021 conference theme was “A vision for humanity in medicine”.  In April 2022, the BMA hosted the International Conference on Physician Health (ICPH), held virtually for the first time and attended by over 750 delegates from around the world. Jointly organized with the American and Canadian Medical Associations, this biennial conference provides a platform for physicians and other health community leaders to learn, connect, and develop strategies and networks to support each other. The 2021 event, spread over five afternoons instead of the usual three days, was scheduled to be face-to-face in London in September 2020 but was rescheduled to run virtually in April 2021. Themed ‘A vision for humanity in medicine’, the conference invited experts and practitioners from around the world, who are passionate about physician wellbeing, to share their learnings, experiences, and ideas from what has been an unprecedented year. Learn more about the conference in the ICPH 2021 post conference report.